Testing the Feasibility of Your Farming Ideas

Have an idea for a farm enterprise but not sure if it’s feasible? This course will help you explore the potential markets and profitability of your ideas

Target Audience

Beginner – Aspiring farmers who are actively planning farm start-up. Beginning farmers in their first few years who are looking for some help exploring marketing, development of budgets, and tools to help achieve profitability. This is an intro-level course

Course Objectives

  • Begin developing a business plan
  • Explore parts of a marketing plan
  • Explore market channels and concepts for selling your product
  • Begin to develop enterprise budgets and understand the potential for profitability with selected agricultural products


9:30 am Introduction
10:00 am Tour & Harvest of crops
11:00 am Session on understanding your ideas, feasibility and achieving profitability
12:30 pm Lunch and closing circle